A Simple Guide To Interior Design with Catholic Art

Interior design with Catholic Art

Interior design is one of the best ways to breathe a bit of life into your home. After all, there's a psychological reason why people love personalization so much.

Incorporating Catholic art can not only create a warm, comforting atmosphere, but it's also a fulfilling way to express your faith.

Not everyone knows how to go about it, though, and there are some things you'll need to keep in mind.

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know.

Add Warmth

Catholic art is visually warm. It contains plenty of lighter tones, bright pictures, etc. You'll also often find plenty of spring/summer colors, such as greens, yellows, etc.

So, you'll want the surrounding area to match this atmosphere. This means using white-colored frames, silver-toned artwork, etc. The more consistently your home's interior design matches the artwork, the better the visual 'flow' of the room will be.


One of the most notable attributes of Catholic artwork is its ability to tell a story. The Last Supper, for example, is relatively simple in terms of subject matter (men seated at a table). But, it's one of the most powerful works of art ever created due to its context.

This type of art is perfect for smaller rooms that need a bit of added character.
You're not limited to using paintings, though. In fact, there are plenty of Catholic books that have beautiful covers and serve as a perfect addition to a coffee table or shelf.


As previously mentioned, Catholic art is often bright and vibrant. When it comes to choosing artwork, it's best to incorporate the aforementioned spring/summer tones in order to maintain the feeling of 'life' that it gives off.

Prayer candles are an amazingly simple way to add color to your home while also staying in line with Catholic art's thematic elements. Although green, white, blue, etc. are great options, there's something to be said about incorporating a deep red prayer candle into a room's design which can remind us of Christ's presence.

Keep It Simple

There's plenty of religious artwork out there that's full of intricate design. But, you don't need to find the most extravagant, detailed pieces in order to achieve the same effect.

Simple artwork is often the better option, especially when the art is used as more of an accent as opposed to a point of focus. Having smaller pieces in multiple rooms often provides a greater impact than a few large pieces that you may not interact with as much on a daily basis.

Decorating Your Home With Catholic Art Can Seem Difficult But It Doesn't Have To Be

With the above information in mind, you'll be well on your way to incorporating Catholic art into your home.  This is a beautiful way to show all those who enter your home the values you hold dear and remind them of what is important in life.