2021 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide

2021 Christmas Gift Guide - House of Joppa

As many readers of this blog will know, a big priority in our family is to live liturgically. We celebrate holy days and feast days; we make Sunday a day for worship, rest, and family togetherness; and we let the seasons of the liturgical year inform the rhythm and routine of our daily lives, from the way decorate our home to the prayers that we say.

And that, my friends, is why I always try to have my Christmas shopping done by the first Sunday of Advent (which is early this year: November 28).

As much as possible, I want to slow down and prepare my heart for the coming of Jesus throughout the four weeks leading up to the Nativity of the Lord. And, well, I can’t do that if my mind is consumed by making my gift list and checking it twice.

Now, to be clear, you can shop for Christmas gifts during Advent while still living liturgically. Advent, after all, is about joyfully preparing and hopefully waiting for the feast of Christmas, and selecting and wrapping gifts certainly fits into that preparation category. In my experience, though, the preparation loses its joyfulness if it’s too overwhelming…which happens if I put it all off until December. That’s why I try to get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done by the time Advent begins, and just save a small, fun part (like stocking stuffers) for the season of Advent.

And that’s why I’m sharing with you, on this day in early November, my 2021 Christmas Gift Guide for Catholics. Enjoy, my friends, and don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.

For your daughter

Mini Mary Garden (Christmas Gift Guide) - House of Joppa

This mini Mary garden will delight your daughter (or niece, goddaughter or granddaughter, for that matter). With a four inch statue of Our Lady, an assortment of paper flowers and moss, and a small glass terrarium, the gift includes the joy of assembling a garden just the way she likes it and then the excitement of placing a beautiful terrarium and homage to our Mother Mary in her room. My daughters’ favorite part of the statue kit: Mary’s little golden crown!

For your son

Good Shepherd Print - House of Joppa

When I was growing up, my parents always included among the toys and clothes of Christmas gifts an item with a little more staying power, like a classic book or a piece of art. Truthfully, these weren’t the gifts that excited us as children, but they are among the items that I have hung on to from childhood and that have a place in my adult life. With that in mind, a piece of art like this Good Shepherd Print would make an excellent gift for your son, grandson, or nephew. He can hang it in his room now, and take it with him as he moves throughout life, as a perennial reminder that the Lord is his shepherd.

For your husband

St Joseph Statue - House of Joppa

With his faith and fortitude, Saint Joseph is a powerful model and intercessor for all of us…but especially for the husbands and fathers (either the father of our children or our dads) in our lives. This Saint Joseph statue is small (approximately 5.5 inches) and could go almost anywhere: his bedside table, his office, or his workshop. It will remind the important men in your life how you love and respect them as a strong leader and it will serve as a reminder for them to turn to the saints — especially Saint Joseph — in prayer.

For your wife

Dolarosa Rosary & Deo Gratias Rosary Dish Gift Set - House of Joppa

I have so many gift ideas for wives, mostly because I am a wife and the list of items that have caught my eye is a mile long! I’ll contain myself, though, and suggest two of my favorite gifts: this Dolarosa Rosary and Deo Gratias Rosary Dish Gift Set and this Lady Lourdes necklace. The rosary and dish gift set are delicate and lovely; the dish has the words “Deo Gratias” written across it in beautiful lettering, calling whoever looks at it to utter the prayer “Thanks be to God.” It’s perfect for holding the heirloom rosary that comes in this set, or an engagement ring and wedding band, perched on the ledge above your kitchen sink. As for the Catholic necklace, besides containing a beautiful image of Mary, the Lady Lourdes necklace comes in a deep and gorgeous emerald green… which makes it especially fitting as a Christmas gift. It would go beautifully with a Christmas tartan for midnight Mass!

For your brother

St Padre Pio Statue - House of Joppa

One of my wishes for all my siblings is that they may have peaceful and hopeful hearts. While I can’t give these virtues as a gift, I can share a peaceful and hopeful message with them, and one way is through gifting this Padre Pio statue and a note with his famous words: “Pray, hope, and don't worry!"

For your sister

Sacred Heart Wall Medallion & Corazon Sagrado Necklace - House of Joppa

I always say that my sister is the easiest person for me to shop for, because all I have to do is think of what I want and then give it to her. This Sacred Heart Wall Medallion and Corazon Sagrado Necklace fits the bill! Not only is the Sacred Heart Wall Medallion a beautiful piece of art to add to any wall (I can particularly see it hung in a foyer, hallway, or along the stairs), it also opens, containing a space to hold pictures, notes, and prayers scribbled down on paper. I know that my sisters’ children will enjoy this feature, especially! The Corazon Sagrado — or Sacred Heart — necklace is a way for your sister to keep Jesus’s sacred heart especially close to her heart as she wears it around her neck.

Friends, as you embark on your gift shopping for this holy and happy feast day, the Nativity of the Lord, I wish you joy and peace. And might I offer one more suggestion? As you contemplate your gift choices and make your purchases, pray for the people on the receiving end of your gifts. Our love and our prayers are among the greatest gifts we can bestow.

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