About Us

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Bring Faith Visually Into Your Home

If you stepped foot in our home right now, I’d likely be picking up toys or washing up the last dish in the sink. I’d invite you to sit on our couch and offer you a hot cup of tea or coffee. You’d see that our home is decorated intentionally with Catholic decor items that remind us daily of our faith. My husband and I pursued our Catholic faith when we became converts to the religion in 2014. We felt guided by the Holy Spirit to make this important change in our lives and the lives of our children. As Catholic parents and spouses, we make every effort in our daily lives inside and outside of the home to reflect that powerful conviction.

Through A Modern Lens

We created House of Joppa to offer a chic, modern vision of Catholic home decor. I’ve heard from countless people that they just aren’t into the traditional “bulky dark frames” and the “opulent” early styles. Those pieces are beautiful in their own right, but when we converted to Catholicism, we wanted to freshen up traditional styles with decor that flows perfectly in the modern home. As lovers of interior design, we decided to create our own revamped version of Catholic art and iconography that brings resonating beauty and warmth into your home.

Why “House of Joppa”?

If you’re familiar with the story in the Book of Acts when St. Peter visits the town of Joppa, you might remember that he is led to an upper room where many widows are weeping at the death of Tabitha. St. Peter prays and says, “Tabitha, arise!” and she opens her eyes. This verse has been significant to me my whole life, not just because my name is Tabitha, but because it made the Word of God personal to me. My name is in there, and He knows it.

After further study, I learned that “Joppa” has origins meaning “beautiful”. When deciding on a name for our shop, it became clear that “House of Joppa” would reflect all that we’d hope to accomplish in our mission and vision. We exist to offer tasteful, modern Catholic home decor, jewelry, paper goods, rosaries, and gift sets that let you “live out the beauty” of our beloved Catholic faith and share that faith with others.

Matthew and Tabitha reside in Southeastern Michigan with their incredible five kids.