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Online Catholic Store for Gifts, Decor, & More

House of Joppa offers a fresh new take on traditional Catholic home decor, jewelry, and gifts that outwardly show the beauty of our faith. Our pieces pair perfectly with a modern aesthetic while our jewelry adds a meaningful touch to any ensemble.

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Crucifixes, statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, images of the Sacred Heart, and others serve as powerful and iconic symbols that remind us of our Catholic faith. Our wall art, home decor, statues, and candles, are tastefully designed to give these symbols a modern, minimalist feel that can be easily incorporated with your home’s design style.

Shop our Catholic store for gifts to celebrate special occasions, or for any time you want to enhance your personal space with reminders of your faith.

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Hi, I'm Tabitha

I’m the owner and chief creator here at House of Joppa.  I’m so glad you are here!   

We exist to share the beauty of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith in our homes through a variety of Catholic home decor pieces, Catholic art, Saint candles, statues, paper goods and beautifully handcrafted Catholic jewelry.  

These are all the things that help me to immerse myself in my faith and I hope they do the same for you.

Why House of Joppa?

“What’s in a name?” as Shakespeare so famously asked.  For me, House of Joppa is rooted in scripture and deeply personal.  

Acts 9:36 tells the story of a faithful disciple named Tabitha (or Dorcas as my brother loved to point out...we’ll stick with Tabitha) from Joppa who was known for her good works and helping the poor.  In a few short verses, scripture tells us the miraculous story of how Tabitha died and was raised to life again by St. Peter.  The story spread throughout the region and “many believed in the Lord.”  

My hope is that our Catholic store and gift shop will inspire you to live our faith boldly in a world in such desperate need of beauty and that by doing so, many will come to believe in our Lord!

A Little Bit About House of Joppa

Every House of Joppa product is curated from some of the best artisans throughout the world, many of whom share our Catholic faith. They make wonderful gifts for special occasions like baptisms, first holy Communion, confirmations, a house warming, weddings, birthdays, and Christmas. Even when there’s no particular reason, a gift from our Catholic store can raise the spirits of a friend who needs a little reminder of their faith.

Browse our Catholic store’s beautifully handcrafted jewelry, modern home decor, saint candles, greeting cards, and gift sets for items that truly make meaningful gifts for family and friends. Or just pick something out for yourself :)

Tabitha's Portrait