Catholic Rosaries


Embrace Your Faith with Our Beautiful, Modern Rosaries for Sale

At House of Joppa, we offer a carefully curated selection of high-quality, handmade rosaries for sale that are designed to last. Our small and medium-sized rosaries feature smooth beads crafted from wood and glass, while our oversized wall rosaries are made from lightweight sheep’s wool. Some of our rosaries are also strung together with genuine leather cord for a natural, rustic feel.

Give the Gift of a Rosary

Our beautiful rosaries for sale are the perfect gift to celebrate sacraments, birthdays, and even Christmas. These Catholic rosary beads are sure to become an heirloom piece your loved one will cherish for years to come.

Give the gift of a rosary for any reason — even if it’s just to raise someone’s spirits! These timeless pieces will forever remind your recipient of beloved memories shared together. Pair our beautiful rosaries with saint candles, jewelry, and paper goods to create a unique gift set, or explore our blog for more gift-giving inspiration.