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Home Decorating Tips and Tricks

At House of Joppa, we’ve got great ideas for Catholic home decor and we’re eager to share! Learn how to embrace the beauty of our faith through your interior design with tips and tricks from our Catholic blog. 

  • How We Celebrate Baptismal Anniversaries

    Today, January 10th, is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. It’s the day of the church year on which we officially wrap up the Christmas season ...
  • What Mother Mary Teaches Me

    Happy New Year!  And Happy Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God! Today is the feast day on which we celebrate the role that Mary played in enactin...
  • Relics of Saints: What You Need to Know

    Have you ever felt attached to a saint and wished you could get closer to them? Well, be not afraid! If you haven’t heard of relics, they’re a gre...
  • How to Incorporate Modern Catholic Art into Your Home

    The Catholic church has long been a center for art and culture, from the time of the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci. The work of Bernini, Michel...

Live Your Faith with Catholic Home Decor

Our Catholic blog for men and women will let you in on advice for creating faith-inspired home design, teach you how to accent your current decor, and give you tips for every season. With our sleek and minimalist Catholic wall art, statues, saint candles, door hangers, and other more, it’s easy to bring the Light of the Lord into your home. Create a living space that highlights the presence of God in your everyday life.

News for Fellow Catholics

When there’s an upcoming religious holiday around the corner, check House of Joppa’s Catholic blog for ideas on how you can celebrate and get your home and family ready for the occasion! We’ll give you some inspiration to deck the halls and manger for Christmas and brighten up your home in preparation for the resurrection of Christ at Easter. You may also find some interesting information about Catholicism that you never knew before.

Create a House of God

We hope our Catholic blog will give you some fun ways to express your faith in your own home and with others. Learn how to transform your living space into a place where you can pray and communicate with the Lord every day.