Catholic Crosses & Crucifixes

Crosses & Crucifixes

No symbol is more potent or more powerful than a crucifix. No symbol is more a reflection of faith than the humble crucifix. In a pondering gaze you can see the depth of love that God has for all humankind and the extent He will go to save us from a life of sin.

At House of Joppa, we provide Catholics around the world with tasteful, beautiful ways of showing their faith in their homes and day-to-day lives. From simple and stunning home decor to gorgeous rosary beads to support your relationship with God, we have you covered.

Browse our collection of Catholic crucifixes for sale at prices affordable to all.

What Does the Crucifix Represent?

The Catholic cross means many things to the men and women of faith. When you buy a crucifix, you’re purchasing something deep and meaningful to you.

Crosses and crucifixes instill the sacrifices Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ made for us in an earthly life filled with glory and suffering. So, what do crosses and crucifixes in your home represent within Christianity?

Fulfilled Prophecies

The prophecy of the crucifixion dates back to the Garden of Eden within the Old Testament. Jesus was always supposed to suffer and die in payment for the sins of humanity. Psalm 22 would even describe the method of crucifixion before this method of punishment existed. The Catholic cross demonstrates the fulfillment of promises made by God. Have faith in Him because He always delivers.

Love and Humility

The Romans reserved the crucifixion for the worst criminals. Although Jesus did not deserve to die in such a brutal way, the Holy Son of God chose to fulfill the prophecy made in the Bible. Jesus loves us all, no matter the sins we have committed. His love for humanity and his willingness to give up the humility he had shown in life was the ultimate sacrifice and is why we follow Jesus Christ and the holy crucifix.


In John 19:30, Jesus declared, “It is finished.” in his final moments upon the cross. Catholic crucifixes mark not only the final moments on Earth for the Son of God but that the ultimate punishment for humanity’s sin was complete. No prayers and no amount of faith can compare to what Jesus did for all, including those who ordered his death.

Acceptance, love, and forgiveness are at the core of our faith. Proudly display the ultimate symbol of your faith with crosses and crucifixes in your home.

Which Crucifix or Catholic Cross is Right For You?

At the House of Joppa, we understand that crosses and crucifixes have a deeply personal meaning. It’s not about the design or how decorative Catholic crucifixes are. What matters is that yours brings you closer to your faith and deepens your bond with Him.

We offer a selection of Catholic crosses for sale in the form of wall decorations, personal rosaries, and decorative statues to help you empower your faith at home and on the go. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

Our Lady’s Garden Rosary

With this gorgeous rose pink rosary, you can deepen your faith and heighten your praying experience. Our Lady’s Garden gemstone rosary is made from a selection of fire-polished glass birds from the Czech Republic and aventurine.

Featuring both a solid cast bronze version of Our Lady and a bronze crucifix with floral openwork, this crucifix for sale also has a history. It’s a replica of a French antique and was made right here in the USA.

Carry Catholic crosses with you wherever you go and strengthen your personal relationship with God or lean on Him whenever you need a moment of calm.

Crucifix Holy Water Font

The sacrament of baptism is the heart of our faith. Within Catholicism, this sacrament is simple yet filled with meaning. It symbolizes regeneration, purification, and entry into God’s house.

Mount this breathtaking holy water font at home. Whenever you dip your finger into the sacred waters, be reminded of the promises made by Him and the warmth He brings to your life.

Carved from white alabaster, this font contains a cross depicting the crucifixion of the Son of God. Hand sculpted by Polish artisans, hang this font near the doors of your home and be reminded of the light of God shining on you every day.

Cross Home Blessing Door Hanger

Have you been wondering where to buy a crucifix that adds a rustic-chic aesthetic to your home? Then you’ve come to the right place! Look no further than this unique door hanger from House of Joppa. Bless your home with this door hanger featuring matching twine and off-white wooden beads. Fit over a door handle or a vase.

Choose from a large or small gold cross or a small bronze cross. Be reminded of the protection and refuge we all seek in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How to Display Crosses and Crucifixes

Crosses and crucifixes are at the core of Christianity, but where should you display your own expression of faith? Like all symbols of Christianity, there are few rules on how and where you can display the Catholic cross.

Catholic crucifixes are traditionally displayed in a home’s central area and every bedroom as a reminder to pray and the mercies of God. More traditional Christians will hang the cross above the door because, during the period of Jesus’ earthly life, citizens lacked home addresses and would display their “titulus” above their doors.

Generally, the crucifix should have its own unique place in any room or home. Nothing should distract from the presence of the cross. It deserves a place of pride in every home to remind you of your faith.

Look to God’s house for inspiration on where a cross should be found and how it should be positioned. You will notice that it is always front and center. It takes precedence over all other symbols, including the Virgin Mary herself.

God sent his son Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, to die for our sins. Proudly displaying the crucifix, Christ’s symbol, is a measure of honor for the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. For more inspiration, visit the House of Joppa Catholic store today.