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I’ve spent the past five minutes staring at my computer screen trying to decide how to begin a post with an introduction about the process of making decisions and the too-often-accompanying syndrome of decision fatigue.

The irony is not lost on me at all!

The reality is that we, as humans, are tasked with making hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions daily. Should I press the snooze button? Should I press it again? Maybe again? Should I wear a dress or slacks? Heels or flats? What should I eat for breakfast? Should I ask my 3-year-old to clean up the cornflakes she spilled, or just do it myself? Ten minutes into my day and I’m already tired of making decisions, and these aren’t even the big decisions (how to spend my freetime, where to go on a family vacation), let alone the BIG decisions (who to marry, how to use my extra resources) that matter in a life.

Suffice it to say, decision making is a never-ending, impactful, and at-times-exhausting aspect of being a person on this planet.

Because I want to save my decision making bandwidth for the decisions that actually matter, I work pretty hard to eliminate the need to spend my limited energy on decisions that don’t matter.

I drink my coffee the same way each morning. 

I use the same purse all the time.

I always drive the same way to work.

When I take a walk, I have a standard route.

I wear the same jewelry every day.

If you, too, have the goal of decreasing decisions to be made, might I suggest starting right now with something simple and clear? Choose versatile, classic pieces of jewelry that match with almost anything, delight you with their beauty, and have personal meaning to you because of the message they carry. Do this, and you'll save yourself from making one more decision most mornings.

If this task appeals to you, here are some ideas of lovely Catholic jewelry pieces that can be worn every day. 


A timeless classic, this Miraculous Medal & Two-Toned Crucifix Necklace is crafted with 14 karat gold-plated sterling silver, making it a quality piece that will last for years. A central image of our faith, you can’t go wrong with wearing a crucifix every day of the year. This particular necklace comes in both a regular size and a smaller size, so if you prefer more dainty everyday jewelry, be sure to check out the Petite Miraculous Medal & Crucifix Necklace.

This Divine Mercy necklace is simple and beautiful. A tiny heart, radiating light, calls to mind the endless love and mercy that our God gives us. With its single tone and lack of embellishment, this piece could match with literally any outfit, from athleisure-wear to work clothes to wedding attire.

Carrying Mary close to my heart reminds me that Mother Mary carries me within her heart. And, well, that’s a sentiment that I don’t want to forget. I would choose this Blessed Mother of Pearl necklace as a piece of everyday jewelry for the frequent reminder or Mary’s love for me as well as for its elegant design.


I love the look right now of stacked bracelets, which give their wearers the opportunity to combine colors and styles, as well as benefit from the various reminders that each bracelet carries.

The Surrender Novena Bracelet offers the chance to pray alongside the Surrender Novena. It features ten pearl beads to correspond to the ten times we pray "Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything."

The Rosewood Full Rosary bracelet is designed to be both beautiful and practical. When unattached, the bracelet becomes a full usable rosary. It is a beautiful reminder to pray and receive the grace our Lord has to offer wherever you are. The White & Pink Rosewood Full Rosary bracelet offers the same genius design, but with different color options.

I’ve noticed so many women wearing stackable letter bracelets recently, and I love that the Beloved Bracelet and His Bracelet bear words of faith. Our Creator in Heaven calls us Beloved and calls us to be His. With frequent reminders of these truths, worn on our wrists, we will be energized to walk as disciples.


More than any other type of accessory, I see the potential in rings to be truly “every day” pieces of jewelry. Likely, this is because I am so used to wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, but it could also be because the small size of rings means they draw less attention than say, a necklace or bracelet, and therefore they blend in with anything and everything we might wear on a given week. 

This Lady Lourdes Ring features a dainty ball band highlighting a portrait of the Virgin Mary that is surrounded by ornamental cubic zirconia accents and embellished spike details. Both the gold and white versions are perfect neutrals for your daily stack of rings.

I suspect that there will be a time in my life when I am eager to switch up my jewelry on a daily basis: statement earrings one day, a bib of necklaces the next, a matching necklace-earring-bracelet combo the next. However, that time is not now! As long as I am in this parenting-young-children season of life, when I have all the extra decisions that I have to make on behalf of my children on my plate, I’m going to be eliminating what decisions I can in order to simplify my life. Jewelry is one of those areas. 

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