Catholic Home Decor Spring Refresh

If you were to ask me what my favorite season of the year is during eleven of the twelve calendar months – April through February – I would tell you Fall. With the cooling temperatures, the trifecta of holidays, the autumnal scents and flavors, and the promise of cozy nights reading in front of the fire, Autumn fills me up with all the good feelings. I look forward to Fall throughout the year and many of my favorite memories take place in September, October, November and December. 

Fall is my favorite…

…except for in the month of March.

Each year, as the days grow longer, the temperatures start to eek their way above the freezing line, and the crocuses begin to peek their little sprouts out from the dirt, I have the rock solid conviction that SPRING is where it’s at. The promise of new life gives me a kind of optimism and energy that can’t be matched, and I typically spend large chunks of my free time in March doing a major refresh of my home and surroundings. 

I swap out my cold weather clothes for warm weather ones (despite the fact that, as my mom often reminds me, one of the biggest snow blizzards of our region took place in early April). I “spring clean,” moving our fridge and oven to do my annual vacuum behind them (don’t judge; I know this should probably be done more often than once every 365 days!). I do a large overhaul of my kids’ toys, tossing broken ones and collecting a box of infrequently used ones to donate. 

This is also a season when I feel inspired to spruce up my home decor a bit. With the deep cleaning and de-cluttering, the rooms of my house are like a fresh palette, and while I do like  to maintain the spacious feel of a minimalist home (and guard my budget!), it’s fun to add a new decor item or two. 

If you are like me, and enjoy embracing the newness of spring with a home refresh, here are some ideas of Catholic home decor that you might add to your mantel, shelves, or walls this season.

Floral Cross

If this Floral Cross doesn’t say spring, I don’t know what does! The raised blossoms covering the cross are so unique – I’ve never seen another piece like it. (I’ll add that I think this would make a GREAT gift for a baby girl, either for her Baptism or baby shower). 

White Florentine Crucifix 

A bit more traditional, this White Florentine Crucifix would go well in a bedroom, hallway, living room, or kitchen. Its smooth and solid white surface makes it easy to match with any color scheme or style of interior design.

Stella Maris Tablecloth 

This gorgeous block print tablecloth, calling to mind Mother Mary’s title “Star of the Sea,” would brighten up any dining room or kitchen table. Made of 100% cotton canvas, the fabric is sturdy and stain-resistant, so this would work well as an everyday table covering, but it’s beautiful enough for special occasions as well. 

Stella Maris Napkin Set

Joining the tablecloth, or by themselves, these Stella Maris cloth napkins would elevate any  meal, from a family dinner to a brunch with friends. These napkins are machine washable and incorporate the tranquil blues and greens of the ocean, embodying the serene essence of the Star of the Sea. Perfect for any table setting, these napkins not only bring a touch of elegance but also serve as a gentle reminder of Mary's unwavering love and protection, guiding us through the trials and tribulations of life.

St. Benedict Blessing Door Hanger

I love this St. Benedict door hanger because it fits so much of what I’m looking for in home decor into a singular object. It’s visually appealing, with its construction of twine and wooden beads; it hangs over a door knob, so it doesn’t take up shelf space (I’m all about maintaining clear surfaces, as much as possible); and it incorporates a meaningful religious symbol – the St. Benedict medal. 

Our Lady Among the Flowers Print

Every now and then, I like to swap out the art on my walls (pro-tip: trade pieces of similar sizes, to avoid having to hang new nails or touch up paint!). This Our Lady Among the Flowers print is perfect for spring, with its budding blossoms and bright palette. The print is a part of a three piece series, with each of the works depicting Mother Mary surrounded by blooms. The paintings stand alone or would look beautiful grouped together, depending on the particularities of your space.

Spring Madonna Statue 

This Spring Madonna gives a subtle nod to spring, with the delicate floral design incorporated into the bodice of the statue, but it could fit beautifully into a home in any season. That said, the series includes a summer, fall and winter Madonna and could be easily switched quarterly on your mantel or bedside table.

Every Good Gift Serving Bowl

If you aren’t one to make changes to the art displayed in your house at Christmas or Halloween, let alone for the spring season, but are still craving a fresh touch around this time of year, consider adding this beautiful Every Good Gift Serving Bowl to your hosting collection. It’s simple enough to serve as an everyday fruit bowl on your kitchen counter, and elegant enough to hold a salad or side dish at Easter dinner. 

I hope that this Spring Refresh guide has given you some ideas for ways to energize your home environment this spring. If you are craving something new but none of the items I’ve described suit what you’re looking for, check out the House of Joppa shop for more thoughtfully curated Catholic decor.

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