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How to Incorporate Modern Catholic Art into Your Home

The Catholic church has long been a center for art and culture, from the time of the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci. The work of Bernini, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and countless others have endured to this day as relics of a faith that has held strong throughout the test of time. While commissioning murals and sculptures might not be the common way to express your faith through interior design anymore, there are certainly ways for you to incorporate Catholic art into your home. You can find some options for Catholic home decor below!

Sacred Heart Medallion

Sacred Heart Medallion

The sacred heart medallion is a beautiful symbol designed to remind those around it of Jesus Christ’s enduring love for mankind. It can come in many different forms, in some cases with flames or light surrounding it, and this allows you to customize your decoration somewhat while still incorporating Catholic imagery and messaging into your home.

St. Benedict Home Blessing

St. Benedict is the patron saint of Europe and is meant to protect homes against the devil, give strength in times of trouble, and pray for a peaceful death in the Lord. But beyond that, it’s meant to remind those who live in the home that Christ can guide them through the hard times, keep them safe in day-to-day life, and every time they open the door, remind them of the blessings God has sent them that day and every day. It keeps your home blessed and gives you and those who enter it a constant reminder that they are protected by the same God that you are.

The Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary Themed Mantle Design

Mary is more than an example of unselfishness and motherhood. She is a reminder of the unbreakable love a mother has for her children and for her God. She can watch over your home, your children, or your loved ones. She can remind you to have faith in times of pain or suffering and remind you that on your hardest days, there is always a moment that you can find to be grateful for your faith and your blessings.

For those who love the signs and symbols of their faith, there are endless ways in which you can incorporate Catholic symbolism into your home and your interior design. There is a power behind the symbols of our faith. They remind us of the Lord’s enduring love every day as we go about our lives. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the grind of everyday life and the uncertainty of the world around us.

We at House of Joppa create Catholic home decor designed to blend seamlessly with your own personal aesthetic. Adding beauty and refinement to your home while serving as an expression of your faith. By adding some of your favorite religious symbols into your home, you can provide yourself with a daily reminder that even when it may feel as though the world is crumbling around you, you are not, nor will you ever be, alone.

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