Catholic Jewelry

Catholic Jewelry

Elegant and Dainty Catholic Jewelry

House of Joppa’s gold Catholic necklaces, earrings and bracelets provide an elegant touch that can be worn as a dainty everyday accent to your outfit or add a little bit of charm to an ensemble for a special occasion. Classic religious jewelry designs are combined with modern styles to create unique pendants. Lightweight satellite and link chains are a fashionable way to showcase the intricate charms. Catholic pendants feature traditional images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, such as the miraculous medal, and the saints to inspire devotion to the Lord.

Shopping for Beautiful Gifts for Special Occasions

Handmade Catholic jewelry can make a great gift for friends and family that will be cherished for years to come. Your loved ones will be delighted to have a reminder of the members of the Blessed Family and the saints that watch over us daily. Whether honoring a little girl’s First Holy Communion, a teen’s confirmation, or simply giving a lovely token of appreciation to celebrate Christmas or birthdays, you’ll be sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face with a piece of delicate, handcrafted Catholic jewelry. Combine our handmade Catholic necklaces and bracelets with our gift sets, candles, and greeting cards for a thoughtful, faith-based present.

An Outward Expression of Faith

Wearing Catholic jewelry not only makes the wearer feel closer to God, but it also shares your faith with others. Highly recognizable and traditional iconography makes everyone contemplate the Word of God when they gaze upon it. Wearing a Catholic necklace or bracelet is a subtle way to outwardly express your faith to those around you. Choose from simple or embellished pendants that can be worn anytime.