A Godparent Gift Guide

Around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I like to take some time to consider the many women and men who have played parental roles in my life. I’m lucky enough to have been born to wonderful biological parents, but my Mom and Dad are by no means the only caring, wise, and attentive folks of the older generation who have nurtured me into the person who I am today. I have a myriad of aunts, uncles, friends of my parents, grandparents, neighbors, former teachers and mentors whom I turned to — and continue to turn to — for guidance and support.

Sometimes, my reflection stops there, with thinking of the people who have been parental figures for me and thanking God for their lives. But sometimes, I like to take the practice further, and after making a list in my journal of the good souls who have provided a shoulder to cry on, given an excellent book recommendation, helped me sort out a next step, shared advice on one matter or another, helped me see a situation with new perspective, and so much more, I feel moved to reach out to these individuals. I might send a text; I might write a thank you card; I might give them a call; every now and then, I might choose a special gift to give to them.

One example of parent-like figures whom I think I deserve a little extra love are godparents. While traditionally one thinks of the godparent-godchild relationship as somewhat one-way (as the Catechism states, godparents are meant to “help the newly baptized — child or adult — on the road of Christian life” (CCC 1255)), a godparent who takes his or her role seriously is such a tremendous gift — they ought to be honored and thanked, as far as I’m concerned!

Here are some ideas of items that I think would make lovely gifts for the godmother or godfather in your life.

A Beautiful Apron

These ethically made, 100% cotton, machine-washable aprons are perfect for a godmother who enjoys baking, cooking, canning, or even just puttering around the kitchen in style. An apron would pair well with a note to your godmother sharing a memory that you have of a special meal, or time in the kitchen, that you have shared. Do you bake cookies together every Christmas? Have some of your best conversations happened over her go-to banana bread? Do you admire the way she’s always the first person to sign up to bring a meal to a bereaved widow or new mother? Tell her about it, and elevate her meal prep with one of several gorgeous apron patterns.


Garden Party Notepad

When in doubt about what kind of gift to give, I go with a “consumable” — something that will eventually be “used up,” like a bag of coffee beans, a candle, or a hand soap. This little notepad (and any stationary, for that matter) also fits the bill. What’s more, it’s pretty and affordable — a lovely little gift for a godmother who you want to show some extra love.

Carry All Canvas Bag

This sturdy, zippered tote is both practical (it can hold up to 50 pounds and is made of durable canvas) and lovely (the garden party flowered trip and handles are cheerful and colorful). I could see it making a great library bag, pool tote, everyday purse, carry-on personal item, or diaper bag. And who couldn’t use another versatile bag in their rotation?

Saint Joseph the Worker Statue

St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers and father figures, including, of course, godfathers. Give a nod to your godfather’s presence, fortitude, selflessness, and dedication by sharing with him a depiction of a saint who bears all those qualities and more. This Saint Joseph statue would be an extra fitting gift if your godfather’s hobbies include woodworking, carpentry, or other tinkering around the house, as St. Joseph is depicted holding a saw and a square.

A Book, like The Curé d’Ars

A devotional, book of religious quotations, or a spiritual biography would make a great gift for a godparent. Take the gift up a notch by choosing a copy that is eye-catching as well as thought-provoking. Right now, I’m drawn to The Curé d’Ars, a classic and comprehensive biography of Fr. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney, a French priest who made his village a fervent and exemplary community, thus attracting thousands of pilgrims daily throughout his life.

Blessed Solanus Casey Rosary

This classic rosary honors Blessed Solanus Casey, a Capuchin friar who dedicated his life to prayer, healing, and helping those in need in various cities throughout the United States in the early 20th century. The story of Blessed Solanus Casey is an inspiring one — he struggled, academically, but with his exemplary work ethic and humility became a well-known priest in his region.

While gifts for godparents are by no means necessary, they are a thoughtful way to convey your appreciation for the role a godparent has played in your life (or your child's life).

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